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SA Health 2020 Transition to Professional Practice Program (TPPP) for Registered Midwives

Welcome to the SA Health 2020 Registered Midwives Transition to Professional Practice (TPPP) website.

Second round of offers for the 2020 TPPP for Registered Midwife positions have been completed by SA Health on Thursday 21 November 2019.

SA Health will not be making any further round of offers. However, offers may be made where a vacancy becomes available. For example, where a candidate declines or does not meet the pre-employment requirements.

Please note that all applications that have been assessed as suitable and have not been made an offer, will remain active.

SA Health may contact you directly should a position that matches your ranking and location preferences becomes available.

Candidates interested in other employment opportunities with SA Health are encouraged to register for Job Alerts

On this website you will find all the information about:

  • What our Transition to Professional Practice Program offers
  • Who is eligible to apply
  • How to apply
  • TPPP in the Local Health Networks
  • Information sessions
  • Provisional Offers
  • Pre-employment requirements
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Enquiries

This website will be updated periodically, so please keep an eye out for future TPPP updates.

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What our Transition to Professional Practice Program offers

SA Health is the largest provider of the Transition to Professional Practice Programs for Registered Midwives in South Australia, with vacancies encompassing metropolitan and country public hospitals.

SA Health applies a centralised approach to the TPPP recruitment using an online application process. This means that applicants will only need to apply once for a position in any of the public hospitals/health units across Country SA and metropolitan areas. Applicants get to select up to four location preferences as part of the application.

Our Transition to Professional Practice Program is a well-structured program designed to support graduate midwives in the first year of practice as a newly Registered Midwife. The Program offers a supportive and stimulating environment which enables graduate midwives to consolidate skills and knowledge in a clinical setting as well as to develop confidence and competence as a health professional across different clinical areas.

The TPPP is a 12 month program offering: 

  • TPPP Educator/Coordinator and education support team
  • Extensive orientation program
  • Professional development study days
  • Peer support
  • Clinical rotations
  • Shift work – 24 hours, 7 days a week
  • Full-time and part-time positions are available

Please refer to LHN - specific information to learn more about potential rotations and positions available.

Combined Registered Nurse/Registered Midwife TPPP
If you are also a newly Registered Nurse, you may be interested in the combined Registered Midwife/Registered Nurse TPPP being offered in the Local Health Network based in the country regions. The combined RN/RM TPPP offers support to graduate midwives who are also new to the nursing profession. Please see below eligibility criteria for applying for a Combined RN/RM.

Collaborative Country-Metropolitan TPPP

The collaborative country and metropolitan TPPP aims to provide individuals with the opportunity to consolidate their Midwifery skills in two diverse clinical environments and teams as they transition to professional practice. Please click here to find out more about the Collaborative TPPP.

Registered Midwife Level 1 - Role Description and Job Capacity Statement 
Prior to applying for a TPPP, please read the Role Description to learn more about the skills, knowledge and attributes relevant to the role of Registered Midwife Level 1.

You are also encouraged to read the Job Capacity Statement to learn more about the likely demands of working in the role of a Registered Midwife.

Who is eligible to apply

SA Health's priorities for appointment
SA Health is required to apply a priority group for nurse and midwife graduates. When applying for the Transition to Professional Practice Program, applicants must provide three categories of evidence based on their priority group selection:

  • Proof of citizenship, residency or cultural heritage
  • Photo ID
  • Proof of address

To learn more about the type of evidence required to support a chosen priority group, please refer to the SA Health Priorities for Appointment document. All priority group documents must be certified by an authorised witness.

Core eligibility criteria
The TPPP is designed specifically to support the graduate midwife’s transition as a newly qualified midwife into the clinical workforce. To be eligible for a TPPP RM in 2020, the applicant must, at the time of application:

  • Have no more than 912 hours (6 months full-time equivalent) of paid experience as a Registered Midwife in any setting and in any country*
  • Completed or due to complete final year of Midwifery studies
  • Not have undertaken more than 6 months of a graduate Midwifery program (or equivalent) previously in any setting and in any country*
  • Not be applying during the ‘employment exclusion period’ after taking a Targeted Voluntary Separation Package (TVSP) from the SA Government

* Applicants who have had any paid employment as a Registered Midwife, or have commenced a gradute Midwifery program must provide a Statement of Service (please refer to the FAQ document for more information).

Eligibility criteria for the Combined RN/RM TPPP
If you are applying for the Combined RN/RM TPPP in the Country regions, you are also required to meet all of the following criteria (in addition to the core eligibility criteria above) at the time of application:

  • Have less than 12 months (full-time equivalent) of paid experience as a Registered Nurse in any health setting; and
  • Have not previously completed a TPPP in Nursing

* Applicants who are applying for the Combined RN/RM TPPP and have had any paid employment as a Registered Nurse, or have commenced a gradute Nursing program must provide a Statement of Service for hours worked.

How to Apply
Applications open at 9:00am on Monday 19 August 2019 and will close at 5:00pm on Monday 9 September 2019. Late applications will not be accepted.

All applications are to be submitted online via an eRecruitment system. An application link will be available on this webpage on Monday 19 August 2019. Applicants will need an email address and a password to commence an application. Please read the questions carefully and answer all questions correctly. All applicants will need to upload documentation to support their application.

Applicants are required to provide: 

  • A current Curriculum Vitae (CV) with full employment history in a chronological order
  • Certified evidence of change of name (e.g., marriage certificate, divorce certificate), if relevant
  • Certified evidence to support a priority group that is applicable
  • Academic transcript which shows your most recent GPA for Midwifery studies
  • One full clinical placement report from a third /final year clinical placement
  • Contact details of three clinical referees
  • Statement of Service from each employer for any hours worked as a Registered Midwife or hours worked in a graduate Midwifery program
  • Statutory Declaration for any gaps of employment of six months or more, outlining employment situation during that time, and specifically about any midwifery employment
  • Submit answers to three professional questions – drawing on your own clinical experiences 

All documents will need to be uploaded onto the eRecruitment system as part of the application process (10MB maximum for all documents).

TPPP in the Local Health Networks 

TPPP in the Country locations
Undertaking a TPPP in a rural or regional area provides opportunities to develop a broad knowledge and skill base. Click here to view our Nursing and Midwifery video which showcases our mission, vision and values and the services we provide to ensure we are the best rural health service.
Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islanders are encouraged to apply for TPPP positions.

Midwifery in rural SA provides both challenging and rewarding times that we hope will mark the beginning of a successful nursing career.

Click on the links below to find out more about TPPP in the Country locations:

TPPP in the metropolitan hospitals
Click on the links below to find out more about TPPP in the metropolitan hospitals:



"I was ecstatic when I was offered a placement in the TPPP, with SA Health. The program has given me knowledge across the full spectrum of care, from low risk to high risk. Thanks to the constant support of experienced clinicians, I've been able to gain invaluable midwifery experience without being overwhelmed." Read more...

Information sessions

Local Health Network (LHN) information sessions
Applicants will get to nominate their preferred locations and specialty areas.

SA Health will be holding information sessions at various health sites. Applicants interested in completing a TPPP at any particular local health networks are encouraged to attend one or more information sessions. No booking is required.

Local Health Network Location Date Time

TPPP in the Country Regions

Barossa Hills Fleurieu LHN
Eyre & Far North LHN
Flinders & Upper North LHN
Riverland & Mallee Coorong LHN
South East LHN
Yorke & Northern LHN

Room 2
Glenside Campus
226 Fullarton Road


8 August 2019



10:00am - 12:00pm 



Northern Adelaide
Local Health Network

Women's & Children's Division
Lyell McEwin Hospital

Meet in the main foyer at 11:00am

21 August 2019

11:00am - 12:00pm

Southern Adelaide
Local Health  Network

Flinders Medical Centre
Level 7, Room 118

12 August 2019

2:00pm - 3:00pm

Women's and Children's Health Network

Women's & Children's Hospital
Alan Crompton Boardroom

19 August 2019

2:00pm - 4:00pm

University information sessions
SA Health will be delivering information sessions to final year students at the following universities. Applicants interested in attending an information session are strongly encouraged to register their interest with their university.

  • Flinders University - Tuesday 30 July 2019
  • University of South Australia - Monday 5 August 2019

Provisional Offers
Provisional offers will be made via email in November 2019. The successful applicant will receive a provisional offer based on one of their location preferences. The offer must be accepted or declined by a defined date. If the applicant does not respond by the due date, the offer will be withdrawn. If the applicant declines the offer, they will not be offered another position.

Applicants who accept an offer will need to satisfy all pre-employment requirements prior to commencement of employment. In the event that applicants do not fulfil the pre-employment requirements, the offer will be withdrawn and further offers will continue to be made until all positions are filled.

Pre-employment Requirements

Applicants will require registration with the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia prior to commencement of employment. Application for registration can be done online, four to six weeks prior to completing a course of study. More information about the online application for the registration process is available on the AHPRA Graduate Applications website.

Criminal History Check
Prior to commencement of employment, all applicants are required to present the following screening assessments:

*From 1 July 2019, you can apply for your own Working with Children Check up to six months before your current child-related employment screening expires. If you have a current, valid DHS/DCSI child-related employment screening, you can keep using it until it expires. Once expired, you will need to have the new Working with Children Check.

Applicants who fail to provide valid and satisfactory screening assessments prior to the commencement of employment will have their provisional offer withdrawn.

Immunisation Screening
SA Health is committed to providing a safe working environment for all persons and acknowledges the positive impact immunisation has on health outcomes for our employees and patients. As a condition of employment, all prospective employees applying for roles within SA Health are required to provide confirmation of immune status by submitting the Prospective SA Health employees (Pre-employment - HCW Immunisation Screening Form and Certificate of Compliance as part of the job application. If you are currently employed by SA Health, you can provide a screenshot of your HR21 Health Assessment record.

Applicants who refuse to participate in screening and/or vaccination, or fail to provide confirmation of immune status, will not be considered for employment in SA Health services in Health Care Worker positions. For more information on fulfilling this requirement, please refer to SA Health's Health Care Worker immunisation requirements

English Language Skills
The Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia requires all applicants for initial registration to demonstrate English language skills to be suitable for registration. If English language testing is required, applicants with this requirement are strongly encouraged to commence the process well ahead of course completion. The delay in meeting this requirement may result in an overall delay in the processing of your application for registration. Please refer to the English Language Skills Registration Standard for further details.

TPPP in the Country locations
Applicants applying for a TPPP in a Country location are required to have a driver’s license and own vehicle, as some travel may be required.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
You will find that most questions are answered in the Frequently Asked Questions document which you are requested to read prior to contacting us.

The website will be updated periodically, so please keep an eye out for future TPPP updates

Email Enquiries
Please ensure you have read the Frequently Asked Questions and answers prior to contacting us.

If we haven't answered your question, please submit it via email to in the subject line please ensure you state TPPP REGISTERED MIDWIFE QUERY.

Thank you for your interest in SA Health.

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