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Central Adelaide Local Health Network (CALHN)

2019 Transition to Professional Practice Program (TPPP) Registered Nurses

Second round offers for the 2019 TPPP for Registered Nurse positions have been completed by SA Health on Thursday 18 October 2018.

SA Health will not be making any further rounds of offers. However, offers may be made where a vacancy becomes available. For example, where a candidate declines or does not meet the pre-employment requirements.

Please note that all applications that have been assessed as suitable and have not been made an offer, will remain active.

SA Health may contact you directly should a position becomes available if it matches your ranking and location preferences.

SA Health has notified all candidates of the outcome of the 2019 TPPP for Registered Nurse applications via email on Thursday 4 October 2018.

Candidates who have been made a provisional offer have until 5:00pm Thursday 11 October 2018 to accept or decline the offer.

It is anticipated that SA Health will make some additional offers in late October 2018 to fill any positions that have been declined. Once this is completed SA Health will only make offers where a candidate withdraws or does not meet the provisional employment conditions.

Candidates interested in other employment opportunities with SA Health are encouraged to register for Job Alerts

About Central Adelaide Local Health Network
The Central Adelaide Local Health Network (CALHN) comprises of the Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH) and The Queen Elizabeth Hospital (TQEH) but also includes several other sites hosting statewide services. These include mental health at Glenside campus, the transitional care unit at St Margaret's Hospital, the rehabilitation site of Hampstead Rehabilitation Centre and several renal dialysis units across the wider metropolitan area.
You may be allocated to any of these sites within CALHN.

Along with the ongoing peri-operative 12 month continuum programs at both RAH and TQEH, CALHN 2019 TPPP is also offering exclusive rotations in
the Drug and Alcohol Services SA Withdrawal Service along with rotations in SA Prison Health Service - this may include Yatala Labour Prison, the Adelaide Remand Centre, Adelaide Women's Prison, the Adelaide Pre-release Centre or Mobilong Prison located at Murray Bridge.

With a Local Health Network approach to the service, program participants may therefore be required to undertake placements at any of the CALHN sites. Candidates are encouraged to indicate their particular interest in specialty rotations in the free text box when applying.

What does TPPP look like at Central Adelaide Local Health Network?
CALHN offers the most TPPP RN positions in South Australia, giving you, the recently graduated Registered Nurse, the opportunity to join the Transition to Professional Practice Program where you will consolidate your theoretical knowledge and expand your clinical skills within a wide variety of potential clinical settings.

The program is conducted over a 12 month period (comprising clinical placements and annual leave) and you will receive the following support:
  • Comprehensive Hospital and Unit orientation
  • Clinical supernumerary days
  • Dedicated TPPP Coordinator and education support team
  • Five Professional Development Days
  • Preceptorship/Peer Support
  • Minimum of 2 Clinical Rotations
  • Opportunity for full-time or to negotiate part-time positions (minimum 0.8 FTE)
  • Salaries paid in accordance with the Nurses (SA Public Sector) Award 2002 and Nurses/Midwives (SA Public Sector) Enterprise Agreement 2016
In 2019, the Central Adelaide Local Health Network has programs commencing in:
  • January, February, March, May and July 2019
Clinical Placements within the Central Adelaide Local Health Network are potentially available in the following Directorates and Services:
  • Cancer Directorate
  • Critical Care Directorate
  • Medical Directorate
  • Mental Health Directorate
  • Renal Directorate
  • Surgical Directorate
  • SA Prison Health Services (SAPHSA)
  • Drug and Alcohol Services SA (DASSA)
Within the Surgical Directorate, CALHN is offering a dedicated 12 month peri-operative continuum program at both RAH and TQEH for those interested in the operating room service. Interested candidates are encouraged to highlight their interest when completing their application. Commencement dates are fixed.

CALHN is also offering exclusive 6 month rotations within SA Prison Health Service and Drug and Alcohol Service SA. Candidates with a particular interest in either of these specialty services will need to clearly highlight their interest in these services in the free text boxes. Commencement dates for these opportunities are also fixed. Rotations in SA Prison Health Service may include Yatala Labour Prison, the Adelaide Remand Centre, Adelaide Women's Prison, the Adelaide Pre-release Centre or Mobilong Prison located at Murray Bridge.

SA Prison Health Service
delivers a range of primary, secondary and access to tertiary healthcare services to people in prison or on remand services in the seven state managed prisons within the correctional facilities that are governed by Department for Correctional Services. Healthcare services are provided within a predominantly primary care model which focuses on the provision of quality, contemporary and equitable health care across the spectrum of health needs.

Drug and Alcohol Services South Australia (DASSA)
inpatient withdrawal services assist people with heavy dependence on alcohol and/or other drugs (including prescription drugs) who are likely to experience withdrawal symptoms if they stop using. The Registered Nurse is responsible for the assessment and delivery of comprehensive nursing care and the individual case management of clients living with drug and alcohol problems, and their families/carers.

For more information, download CALHN Clinical Placement Directorates

Why apply for the Central Adelaide Local Health Network?
CALHN are able to offer you the opportunity to participate in the program at either site, expanding the possibilities to provide you with a greater variety of clinical settings.
Some rotations may be at any of the external sites offered within CALHN. Some selected speciality services are only available at the Royal Adelaide Hospital.

The Central Adelaide Local Health Network is recognised as a high quality healthcare service, known for its excellence in research and education. Core to the Central Adelaide Local Health Network service will be South Australia's state-of-the-art quaternary adult hospital, the Royal Adelaide Hospital along with The Queen Elizabeth Hospital and supported by a range of statewide mental health, primary healthcare and rehabilitation services. With expanded opportunities in Services such as SAPHS and DASSA, CALHN provides a most diverse clinical nursing experience for the recently graduated Registered Nurse.

Our Mission:

  • To deliver outstanding compassionate care, education and research, and be loved locally and renowned globally.
Our Motto:
  • Quality is Central
  • Patients are Central
  • Improvement is Central
  • We are Central
For more information about Central Adelaide Local Health Network

Information sessions
Come and meet the Central Adelaide Local Health Network TPPP Teams at:

Royal Adelaide Hospital
  • Lecture Theatre 8D271
  • Thursday 5 July 2018:   10:00am - 11:00am OR
  • Thursday 5 July 2018:   4:00pm - 5:00pm
The Queen Elizabeth Hospital
  • Room 2, Clinical Education Centre, 5th Floor, Main Building
  • Tuesday 10 July 2018:   4:00pm - 5:00pm
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 
You will find that most questions are answered in the Frequently Asked Questions document, which you are requested to read prior to contacting us.

The website will be updated periodically, so please keep an eye out for future TPPP updates


Please ensure you have read the Frequently Asked Questions and answers prior to contacting us. 

If we haven't answered your question please submit it via email to in the subject line please ensure you state TPPP REGISTERED NURSE QUERY

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