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The Repatriation General Hospital Transition to Professional Practice Program (TPPP) Registered Nurses, 2015

The best choice for your nursing career

Applications for 2015 TPPP for Registered Nurses are now closed.

SA Health has sent an email to all applicants of the TPPP for Registered Nurses 2015 advising them of the outcome of their application on Thursday 2 October 2014.

About this Health Service
The Repatriation General Hospital (Repat) is a 300 bed acute care teaching and general hospital renowned for its dedication to and unique care of older people and veterans. The Repat is a teaching hospital in the
Southern Adelaide Local Health Network (SALHN) and is affiliated with the Flinders University of South Australia in the areas of teaching and research.

In addition to its medical and surgical wards and units, Repat's ultra-modern rehabilitation complex is a centre for expert inter-disciplinary patient care and rehabilitation professionals. Nurses are valued members of the rehabilitation team.

In addition Repat is highly regarded for its expertise and patient services in palliative care, mental health for older people and veterans. It also provides elective urological and orthopaedic surgery services for the southern metropolitan Adelaide.

Why Nurse at the Repatriation General Hospital?
Nursing at Repat is exciting, challenging and rewarding. Repat nurses proudly provide high quality patient care while continuing a long tradition of nursing excellence. Repat nurses' work in a unique, modern and caring environment as valued members of a professional team.

Repat is well known for its beautiful grounds and vibrant culture and in addition, there is extensive on-site parking and a half Olympic sized indoor heated pool available to staff for lap swimming.

First Class Educational and Professional Development for Nurses
The Centre for Nursing Education at the Repat is a dynamic service that is committed to providing high quality accessible and contemporary continuing education for all nurses.

Professional clinical development opportunities are offered in a range of areas and include:

  • Transition to professional programs for Registered and Enrolled Nurses with special focus options
  • Hospital based certificate courses in areas such as mental health, rehabilitation and adult orthopaedic nursing
  • Clinical workshops, supporting a range of subjects and nursing skill acquisition
  • Self-directed learning programs using online learning platforms
  • Nursing 'Grand Rounds' regularly throughout the year on a range of contemporary health and nursing topics
The Repat Centre for Nursing Education works collaboratively with universities, TAFE and other healthcare providers to facilitate learning opportunities and career pathways for nurses.

The hospitals commitment to developing and providing opportunities for nurses in a supportive, challenging, friendly and unique environment ensures that Repat continues to be recognised as a hospital of choice for all nurses.

What does the TPPP look like at the Repatriation General Hospital?
The Repatriation General Hospital Transition to Professional Practice Program (TPPP) for newly Registered Nurses will assist you to develop your professional role and clinical learning in an environment that models excellence in nursing practice, leadership and professionalism.

At the Repat you will gain clinical experience in a range of settings and will be supported through a well organised and resourced peer support program and by experienced nurses who are interested in and committed to high quality clinical learning and teaching.

Information about the Repatriation General Hospital's TPPP
The program is conducted over a 12 month period (including annual leave) and consists of:

  • A 3 day corporate and nursing orientation program
  • Up to 3 clinical rotations
  • Up to 3 supernumerary ward orientation days
  • Up to 5 paid professional development days (study) days where you will come together as a group and share experiences and also participate in learning activities
  • A formalised peer support program ensuring that all graduate nurses receive appropriate clinical guidance and support
Clinical rotations may include:
  • Acute care medical wards, including general medicine (gastroenterology, rheumatology, endocrinolog), cardiac and respiratory medicine
  • Surgical wards: Day surgery and pre-admission clinics, urology, orthopaedics, plastics and general surgery
  • Intensive care /  high dependency
  • Geriatric evaluation management unit (GEM Unit)
  • Rehabilitation (neurological, orthopaedic and post amputation)
  • Hospice and palliative care
  • Operating theatres
  • Anaesthetics and recovery unit
  • Investigational Procedures Unit
  • Radiology
  • Outpatient clinics
  • Mental Health units
Special Interest Transition to Professional Practice Programs
Limited positions may be offered in the folloing special interest programs:

  • Mental Health nursing
  • Peri-operative nursing
  • Recovery / anaesthetics nursing
  • Rehabilitation nursing
Special Interest TPPP in Mental Health
Please note: This is not a Mental Health transition to professional program for newly graduated Mental Health qualified nurses who hold a Graduate Diploma in Mental Health Nursing.

This special interest option is specifically designed for newly Registered General Nurses who intend to pursue a career in Mental Health and post-graduate Mental Health studies but are not yet qualified in Mental Health Nursing, i.e. do not hold a Graduate Diploma in Mental Health Nursing.

This program is offered in collaboration with Flinders University of South Australia and is affiliated with the Graduate Diploma in Mental Health Nursing.  

Special Interest TPPP in Peri-operative Nursing and Recovery/Anaesthetics Nursing
Both the peri-operative and Recovery/Anaesthetics Special Interest Transition Programs consist of a full 12 months in the specialty area and are designed for Registered Nurses who wish to follow a career pathway in either operating theatre or recovery/anaesthetics nursing.

Special Interest TPPP in Rehabilitation Nursing
The special interest transition programs in rehabilitation includes more than one rotation through the related specialty areas along with an opportunity for special focused learning and related supernumerary clinical activities.

Please Note: If you are interested in any of the Repatriation General Hospital special interest transition programs please ensure that you indicate this in the appropriate section of the online application and also provide this information in the section on the online application where you are invited to provide 'Additional Information'.
Intakes for the Transition to Professional Practice Program in 2015
  • One intake per year - February (date to be advised)
Conditions of Employment
Graduate Nurses are employed on a 12 month contract, RN Level 1. Contracts are available at 0.95 (9 days per fortnight) or 0.84 (8 days per fortnight). Salaries are paid in accordance with the Nurses (SA Public Sector) Award 2002 and the current Nurses/Midwives (SA Public Sector) Enterprise Agreement 2013. Hours of work are based on a 76 hour fortnight and are in accordance with a 7 day roster.

All accrued annual leave is required to be taken during the contract period. Two weeks of annual leave is scheduled mid year. Nurses are rostered over a 4 week roster cycle, and are required to work a variety of shifts including early shifts, afternoon shifts and night duty.

Salary Sacrifice is available to all staff.

Credit Status in Post Graduate Programs in Clinical Nursing
Registered Nurses who have completed a Repatriation General Hospital Transition to Professional Practice Program are able to apply for 4.5 units of specified credit in the Graduate Certificate in Clinical Nursing, FUSA.

CNE Points, Royal College of Nursing Australia
The Repatriation General Hospital Transition to Professional Practice Program professional development days attracts 35 CPD hours / ACN CNE points.

Some program details may change as Repat implements a range of new initiatives.

Information session

Your are invited to an informal information session regarding 2015 Repatriation General Hospital TPPP for Registered Nurses.

Come and hear what the Repat has to offer you in your transition year:

  • Repatriation General Hospital, SPF Hall, Theatrette 3, Daws Road, Daws Park
  • Thursday 24 July 2014:    12:30pm to 2:00pm
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
You will find that most questions are answered in the Frequently Asked Questions document, which you are requested to read prior to contacting us.

The website will be updated periodically, so please keep an eye out for future TPPP updates

Please ensure you have read the Frequently Asked Questions and answers prior to contacting us. If we haven't answered your question please submit it via email to and in the subject line please ensure you state TPPP REGISTERED NURSE QUERY.

Applications for 2015 TPPP for Registered Nurses are now closed.

SA Health has sent an email to all applicants of the TPPP for Registered Nurses 2015 advising them of the outcome of their application on Thursday 2 October 2014.

For more information about the Repatriation General Hospital click here
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